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Thursday, September 28, 2023, 2:54:02 pm
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G.O. – Civil Security Services


To protect the person of all provincial officials, staffs and employees, while on the official functions and duties, national and foreign dignitaries while in the territorial boundary of the province as directed.


To protect all national government properties, equipments and installations, etc., from destruction, sabotage anf pilferage as well as the protection from illegal activities and destruction of our natural resources in coordination with concern government agencies/entities.

  1. Provides security to the provincial governor while performing official duties at the provincial capitol and other places/locations as required.
  2. Initiates and maintain procedures, proper security and identification of individuals or activities as required in general, is responsible for security of all provincial installation in particular location.
  3. Makes periodic reports on the security condition on incident occur and makes recommendations to the proper official on ways as to improve security.
  4. Execute and perform other duties that may be assigned/directed from time to time by the provincial governor.