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Saturday, June 22, 2024, 12:09 am

Pantabangan Lake

Pantabangan is one of the most frequently visited places in the province. The town is rich in culture, history and most of all in natural resources that the local government is aggresively promoting its ecotourism. One of the featured destination in the municipality is the Pantabangan Lake, which has a pleasant view and a serene landscape. You can also feel the tranquility while catching a glimpse of the lake’s scenic view surrounded by the Sierra Madre mountains.


Nueva Ecija has always been known as the Rice Granary of the Philippines. Famous for its vast plains of rice fields, people often overlook what else the land has to offer. Unbeknownst toFilipinos aside from those who live in the region, the provinceboasts of grand mountains and rivers, and exotic flora and fauna, along with a rich culture of Catholic, and military history.To top it all off, Nueva Ecija also has an excellent culinary scene that pushes the norms with the likes of carabao milk,and tilapia ice cream.